From ideas
to income

We develop and promote our own unique projects

  • Development for any platforms

    Development for any platforms

  • Highest efficiency in any case we take on

    Highest efficiency in
    any case we take on

Иконка. Иконка. Иконка. Иконка.
  • About
  • Background
  • Why us?
  • About

    We are engaged in developments in the field of software and web building, as well as subsequent promotion exclusively within our own projects.

    We understand that we work in one of the fastest growing industries. This means that compliance with new technological and marketing trends is a must for an IT company.

    Software Experts are independent and function at their own expense, without raising third-party investment.

  • Background

    Software Experts were founded in 2008 by two enthusiastic friends.

    We were initially developed with the involvement of freelancers, but soon the first full time programmer was hired as the company's staff. Since then, the company's staff has been steadily growing and amounts to 35 people at the moment.fi

  • Why us?

    Software Experts were created by IT people and for IT people.

    We understand all the specifics of working in the IT field perfectly and try to create the most comfortable conditions for fruitful work,

    The fact that only a few colleagues have left us at their own volition over the entire company life is an indirect evaluation of our attractiveness as an employer.

Goals that we set ourselves:

  • to constantly care about employees, as well as preservation of an attitude of openness and creativity in the team
  • to increase the number of employees, consolidate the company, optimize business processes, be able to solve more extensive and complex tasks
  • to improve the quality of our services
  • to increase the number of our service users


  • Изображение.

    Software development for
    Windows, Mac and Linux

  • Изображение.

    App development for
    iOS and Android

  • Изображение.

    Development of server-
    based high-load scripts

  • Изображение.

    Creation of websites with
    high traffic

  • Изображение.

    Promotion and marketing
    of our own products

  • Изображение.

    Media buying, traffic


Fresh fruit and fresh squeezed juice in the office kitchen

Membership card of any gym in the city at the company's expense

Free meals for every taste several times a day

We are health advocates.Therefore, we are proud of being able to offer you. The bonus list is times longer, and we can tell you more details if you come to visit us :)